Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Science Marine Biology

Marine Biology

News Coverage of the Jesuit Marine Biology Program
I awoke to my arm burning just as it had done the entire night before, due to the constant sting of the terrible, yet small beast they call the jellyfish. Let me explain how I ended up with this undesirable sensation. I recently embarked on a one week trip to the British Virgin Islands with my classmates for the...
When Jesuit students think of science courses, periodic tables, complex equations, and bug projects probably come to mind. Few, if any, students associate science class with sugar beaches, crystal-clear Caribbean waters, or shipwrecks. But for students enrolled in the Marine Biology science elective this summer, sea and sand will be as much a part of their learning environment as...
For three weeks this summer, a group of Jesuit seniors and juniors participated in our first ever Marine Biology course. Under the instruction of science teachers Mr. Ben Kirby and Dr. Todd Gruninger, students studied the basics of marine biology in the classroom at Jesuit for two weeks before traveling to the beautiful British Virgin Islands. During the first week,...

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