Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Campus Ministry Highlights Senior Service

Campus Ministry Highlights Senior Service

Each Wednesday morning, a flood of blue polos enters the Terry Center. There, the senior class meets before heading off to their senior service sites. Often unknown to the rest of the school, each service site is unique and offers different experiences for each senior. On Friday, February 14, with the help of the Campus Ministry Prayer Service team, a group of seniors and Mr. Perry presented a prayer service highlighting senior service.

First, Tommy Hovivian ’20 opened the prayer service with the Call to Worship. After transitioning from the topics of the week before, Tommy led the school is the opening prayer.

EJ Smith ’20 followed Tommy with the scripture reading. Instead of a regular passage from the Bible, EJ read the sixth station from the Stations of the Cross: Veronica Wipes The Face of Jesus.

The student reflections began with Danny Ruggiero ’20 who serves at Spring Valley Elementary. JT Ennen ’20 followed Danny with a reflection about his service at Charlin Home Health & Hospice. Jacob Phillips ’20 gave the final student reflection about his time at the RISD Math, Science, and Technology Magnet School working with children with autism. Another senior, Nash Crawford, said, “Being able to go out and serve the community has been such a blessing. Seeing people’s faces light up and being excited to see us is amazing.”

Mr. Perry from the community service office offered a final reflection, outlining the love that roots all interactions during moments of service. Mr. Perry challenged the student body to be those positive role models of love in the world, posing that the men that will change the world are at Jesuit.

After all the reflections, three more seniors led the Prayers of the Faithful and the closing prayer.

After the prayer service, Mr. Perry commented, “The prayer service was a special moment in which we recognized the impact of the service programs upon the faith and justice development of our seniors.  I was struck by the depth of the student reflections and the manner that they have considered the impact of the programs.”

Thank you to the Community Service and Campus Ministry offices for putting together a great prayer service.

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