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Campus Ministry Examens The First Semester of 2019/2020

As the sun rises from behind Postell Stadium, lethargic students stumble out of their cars and make the trek over from Anderson Lot. Parents drop off their younger students throughout the school. Teachers rush to their classrooms and offices to ensure everything is for their first class. The spring semester is finally in full swing.

The administration found it important to take a moment before fully entering the new semester to examen the first one. On Friday, January 10, 2020, Campus Ministry walked the entire school through an examen of the first semester.

The prayer service did not follow the pattern of the usual examen before seventh period. We began with two lectors reading Psalm 139. One of the lectors, Nash Crawford ’20, commented, ” I liked the idea of two lectors, that way the students hear more than just one voice, and more people can read it the way they would want to hear it.”

The reflection questions became an opportunity for the school to examen the first semester, and then the prayers of the faithful followed.

Director of Campus Ministry, Ms. Crowder, commented, “As we began a new semester, it seemed appropriate to review the Fall using the Ignatian Examen. The examen invites us to reflect on our past experiences, seeing where we found God and where it was more difficult to find God. Then, it invites us to move forward into the next day, week, month, or semester with a renewed sense of God’s presence in our lives. I’m very grateful to Selina Estrada for making our video and to the Campus Ministry homeroom for leading the school in the Examen. It was a great way to start off 2020 together!”

A big thanks to Campus Ministry for a great semester of prayer services, liturgies, and retreats.

Stay tuned to The Roundup for more Campus Ministry coverage from second semester.