Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Biden Business Vaccine Mandate

Biden Business Vaccine Mandate

With the COVID pandemic raging, everyone is trying to stay safe. But are mandatory vaccines a viable option? More importantly, are they even legal?


Earlier in September, President Biden suggested the idea of mandatory vaccine requirements. The rules stated that businesses with over 100 employees would have to be either vaccinated or have weekly COVID tests. Obviously, that seems to be a logistical disaster for any small business.

With economic recovery just starting up, it seems ludicrous to threaten it all with policies designed to punish businesses.

It’s as simple as this: The decision to get the COVID shot is one for individuals to make, in consultation with their healthcare providers. Nevertheless, President Biden wrongly believes he has the legal and moral authority not only to make medical decisions for millions of Americans, but also to impose those decisions on them and their employers. That decision has disastrous consequences for Alaska, and it will become even worse if Biden extends his mandate overreach to air travel.” 

Biden seems to be acting against the constitution. The Frontiersman writes “the obvious limits on federal power have not been a barrier to Biden’s bullying tactics before; he already tried to impose an eviction moratorium on private property owners because of the COVID pandemic, ” indicating Biden’s overreach and his illegal mandates.

The mandate is symbolic of Biden’s obliqueness towards the economic recovery following such a pandemic.

Protestors Against Biden Vaccine Mandates

The Frontiersman additionally writes that “Biden already has demonstrated his disdain for Alaskans. He began by assaulting our energy industries and our property rights; now he is attacking our employment rights, our ability to continue making a living, and our medical care. We are facing a life and health issue with COVID, but Biden is making it worse – far worse. It is appalling that our President treats hostile foreign nations like Russia, China, and Iran better than he treats his own citizens, offering them energy and economic opportunities that he has denied us Alaskans. It is shameful that it is actually part of a growing pattern in his leadership, the most recent of which is abandoning untold numbers of Americans in Afghanistan, leaving them defenseless against the Taliban.”

While nobody is downplaying the massive impacts of COVID and the millions of worldwide deaths, constraining businesses is not the solution to such an issue. Instead, Biden should give more deference to businesses like how Texas has done.


With Biden pursuing this approach to reduce numbers, it only adds to an irrational, anti-business picture of his administration. From pulling out of Afghanistan to mandating vaccines against people’s will, Biden seems to be making all the wrong moves.

With the midterm elections looming, it is only a matter of time before Republicans seize on the opportunity to control the House and Senate and put an end to Biden’s run of failures. 

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