Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Nick Morris '23

Heart pounding, knees shaking, and eyes darting around, the wrestler flawlessly sets up his shot and launches forward, taking his opponent to the mat in one swift action. As the match drew on, both wrestlers reached their breaking point but pushed on, surpassing what they thought physically possible. Finally, the Jesuit wrestler pins his opponent, and the referee blows...
RICHMOND, VA - Voting suppression has never been higher due to oppressive Republicans. This discrimination became clear in Virginia when not a single cemetery received any mail-in ballots. This suppression from Republicans is not new; in the 2020 election, many Republicans tried to falsify many Democratic votes just because the voters were dead. But these votes did end up getting...
Over time, Jesuit students have had incredible academic success. This success arrived when students learned to prioritize scholastic worth over literally anything else. It has taught students a fundamental principle: school is the only thing that matters; if you are successful at school, you are successful at life. This enlightenment has enabled students to make sacrifices for the greater good...

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