Friday, December 3, 2021

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Authors Articles by Saad Zulqarnain '22, Media Editor

Saad Zulqarnain '22, Media Editor

On the roundup, I mainly make videos about campus life and student opinions, as well as vlogs. I have a skill set in all types of video production. For this reason, my work isn’t just limited to the roundup. I also make Vlogs and comedic skits on YouTube (Check it out on my channel, Saadz!). I plan on developing my filming and editing skills to start a side business in doing this work for others. I also want to make my own short films in the future, and I feel like the roundup is a great place to express and improve my skills while also being deeply involved and engaged in everything that happens at Jesuit. All-in-all, I set out to put video media on the roundup at the best it can be! a 2 year streak of flopped Ranger Days, Jesuit finally got a good one. School spirit was at its best with everyone in the most unpredictable costumes yet. With a gorilla here and a toilet there, the Seniors went all out this time. And the seniors somehow won all the pep rally games as they have for decades.... the Nimitz game, there was a riveting battle between the Jesuit Hockey, Swimming, and Baseball teams. Intensely grilling burgers and hot dogs, all three fought for their winning position as best tailgater. Things had gotten so heated that a few fights broke out over who was better. However, although all teams undertook an intense competitive mindset, it was... High School had come all the way from Oklahoma, and Jesuit represented itself properly. With a win of 36-29, Jesuit has won all home games so far this season and will hopefully continue to triumph in more games. Now, enjoy this video highlighting the peak moments of the game!Stay tuned to the Roundup for more sports highlights! makes a shot, but the ball bounces on the rim and doesn't make it. However, a teammate acts immediately and jumps with all his strength to push the ball back into the hoop, and it's in!While this game wasn't a win for Jesuit, it sure was a memorable one with multiple trick-shots and great plays. Experience the exhilaration... has spent six weeks with hybrid learning. Within these weeks came lots of trial and error with technology, social distancing, and changes to our normal lifestyle. As a result, many opinions rose over the new system of learning, specifically amongst the teachers. These teachers at Jesuit have taught through both in-person and virtual styles. In this hybrid model,... masks blocking out half of everyone's faces, and hand sanitizers' use is so common that its smell lingers in the halls. Being with your friends is different now because you can't stand closer than 6 feet to them. Even in the cafeteria, plastic shields divide everyone. If someone said these three sentences 8 months ago, the people around...
Jesuit is a Catholic High School and has a large group of Catholic students. However, there are also some students who go to the Jesuit that are of different religious backgrounds. Since we have this religious diversity, it's important to recognize it. After all, non-Catholic students at Jesuit are still part of its Catholic community, even though they may...
The Removal of a Constitutional Right On August 5, 2019, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, scrapped Article 370. Since then, chaos has only increased in Kashmir. The Chaotic Aftermath The Constitutional Article had granted autonomy to the region of Kashmir. This meant that they were allowed their own constitution, a separate flag, and the right to make their own laws....

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