Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Authors Articles by Aarin Jain '22, Media Correspondent

Aarin Jain '22, Media Correspondent

Hello! My name is Aarin Jain. I am currently a junior and also do debate alongside The Roundup.
“Contention 1: Is the Status Quo.” A familiar phrase to every survivor of freshmen Rhetorics and Civics, but also the mark of the 1ac in the sport of policy debate. The second week of September marked the first national tournament of the Debate season. Teams from over 12 states and two countries “travel” to compete at the Grapevine tournament for...
Families separated, children detained - the crisis at the border is no simple problem. President Joe Biden made great strides to mitigate the immigration problem. He adopted policies from his predecessor, Donald Trump, and formulates his own policy changes. But President Biden lacks a clear-cut solution in response to the overflow of migrants at the United States border.  What is...

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