Monday, September 27, 2021

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Authors Articles by Enrique Marroquin '21, Associate Editor

Enrique Marroquin '21, Associate Editor

I am a super passionate Mavs fan that will write about all the rumors and potential transactions the Mavs could be making in the future. My dream is to one day become a staff member of a NBA team and even better, the general manager of a team. With that, I will go over how NBA trades work and what my off-season strategy will be to make my favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks, not only one of the best teams in the league but also a team with cap flexibility and a team with great character and chemistry. I am also interested in what is going on in the tech world, especially with gaming and computers. I will go over some of this throughout the year as well. Lastly, I am the manager of the Jesuit Ranger Experience Podcast. I edit, record, and well manage what is going on. We give news and updates that are going on around Jesuit news and sports wise and I highly recommend y'all take a listen.
It has been years since the release of the Xbox One and the PS4. The time is now to once again ignite the console wars. Which console is better? Which console is cheaper? I will answer all of those questions with what we currently know or should predict with these two consoles coming out this holiday season. I will also...
"While a team can be talented and full of camaraderie, the districts, at the end of the day, mean everything. They essentially can make or break your season, as easy competition can lift you up or hard competition can bring you down. Jesuit, for example, has had breakout teams like last season's basketball, this season's football and swimming teams,...
Going on trips is always exciting especially if it is somewhere far away and unexplored. That was the case for the Jesuit students going to Washington D.C. to have a blast by not only helping themselves but also by helping others on the trip. This past week, nineteen Jesuit students from all four grade levels and some staff took a...

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