Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Authors Articles by Brian George '21, Associate Editor

Brian George '21, Associate Editor

Brian George '21, Associate Editor
“1AC, 1NC, 2AC, 2NC.” “Income Inequality is on the rise and no one seems to notice or care.” We have all heard these phrases in our Freshman Rhetoric & Civics class. However, our nationally recognized Jesuit Debate Team takes debating to a whole other level and continues to impress us with seemingly endless success. Below is a recap of...
All images courtesy of Alejandro Mejorado ‘21 Eager vendors filled the Jesuit parking lot as several students helped them carry in multitudes of boxes. Children enthusiastic about meeting the lovable Santa flooded Hughes Hall in hopes of snagging a quick picture. You may have wondered what all the fuss and commotion was about. Indeed, it was none other than Jesuit’s...
All images courtesy of Sam Dayton '20 of The Last Roundup Last year on Ranger Day, the rap battle resulted in the renowned LOTB (Lord of the Bling), or Alex Rivera ‘20, defeating Mr. Kamara, who goes by the stage name DKam. The crowd went crazy for both rappers, exchanging digs back and forth at one another. This year, the...

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