Friday, May 7, 2021

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Silas Hartman '20

Silas Hartman '20
Silas attended St. Monica Catholic School before attending Jesuit, and besides being the Media Editor for The Roundup, Silas is a member of Student Council and a bowler for Jesuit. He enjoys filmmaking, and if you want a video created about your sport/club, feel free to email him at or check out his cool website.
Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've written an actual article... Anyway, for my last article, I think it would be fitting for me to give y'all one final piece of media-- after all, that is my job. This video is special to me, not only because I got to film a game at NRG Stadium in Houston, but it...
Click Here to Vote (only works from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Wednesday, May 6 With all that has gone on while school is away, many have forgotten some of the luxuries of physically being in school. One of those luxuries is the famed Student Council Elections, the perennial event that has everyone in the school excited for the upcoming... With its elite group of writers and editors, it's no surprise that The Roundup produces such amazing, young men. Although life after The Roundup may not involve as many articles to write or edit, the skills that our members honed carry over far in life. Watch the video to learn more about past writers and their experiences in The Roundup!
To celebrate The Roundup’s 10th Anniversary as an online publication, we asked former writers and editors what they took away most from their time. In this video, former Editor-in-Chief Clark Durham ‘12, Staff Writer Nick Mersch ‘16, and Editor-in-Chief Robert Uhl ‘11 talk about some of their favorite aspects of the Roundup and how it has impacted their lives.
The Jesuit Rangers came to play this last Friday, conquering the Prosper Eagles in a 41-14 home victory. Previously undefeated, the Eagles crumbled under the Rangers' near flawless execution of all three phases of the game, beginning with an interception by the Jesuit defense on the third play of the game. This huge play immediately shifted the momentum towards...
Below is Student Council's second address this year written by Student Body President Will Florer ’20 and Student Body Vice President Will Nickols ’20.   Dear Jesuit, We hope your first few months of this school year are going well.  We wanted to update you about some recent Student Council projects. Since August, we have held five full council meetings where we: Presented...
It's Monday morning. You're tired, you didn't get much sleep, and you just want to nap and watch some TV. If it were 2017, you would be in Hughes Hall watching ESPN. However, if you are a newer student, you wouldn't ever get that experience. Until now. On September 19th, ESPN was reintroduced to Hughes Hall, where it will be airing...
When you think of a teacher, you may think of a caring and friendly figure, someone who fosters growth in all aspects of life. However, what you may not think of is a person who spent over a decade in the circus business. Mrs. Applegate, a new chemistry and environmental science teacher at Jesuit, has quite a diverse background, including...

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