Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Authors Articles by Carson Ward '18

Carson Ward '18

Ethereal colors storm into the great frame as six boys can be seen chasing the storm of their youth. Accompanying this travel are the great blue prints for bowls of color and beauty, lipped and specked like nature's intent. These three pieces, Lightning Field by Lee N. Smith, Tiger Basket with Black Lip wrap and Green & Red Basket...
Shining through the surrounding natural darkness, light and merriment bring joy to the ancient towns of the Roman Empire. This annual bliss comes from the celebration of Saturnalia, a holiday celebrating the Roman god, Saturn, the deity of agriculture. On December 8th, Jesuit rebirthed this celebration but in honor of the Latin club, or better known as the Junior Classical...
The rushing wind from the chariots, cheering from the audience, and adrenaline pumping through veins of every member helps to rebirth a well-loved Jesuit tradition every year. Chariots, from the Roman Circus Maximus, now race across the heated asphalt of a high school track field. In only seconds, the chariots pass the finish line and excitement breaks loose in...

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