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Authors Articles by Giovanni Rivas '18

Giovanni Rivas '18

On May 12, 2017, the glistening eyes of the of the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors watched the Seniors march into the Terry Center as the entire student body of 2017 gathered for the last time. After the Seniors marched in, Mr. Garrison stepped on stage and called the congregation to worship, thus inaugurating the Senior Convocation of 2017. The...
The roaring engines fired up to full potential. The Airbus quickly gains speed as it zooms across the runway, gradually lifting its front wheel from the tarmac. The plane finally lifts off and disappears into the bright blue sky as it heads towards Italy. The Jesuit students watched as their Italian friends returned home.Four months later, on March 11,...
Echoing grunts, the rich, humid smell of sweat and thundering clatters of metal all filled the gym at the Oakridge Powerlifting meet on January 21st.The Jesuit Powerlifting team established its dominance by taking first place overall at the Oakridge meet. Jesuit won first by accumulating the highest sum of points out of all the competing teams. Points are...

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