Monday, September 27, 2021

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Authors Articles by Ryan Macalanda '18

Ryan Macalanda '18

Intricate snowflakes lined the garnished hallways of Jesuit, with the reverberations of melodious tunes ringing throughout the night. Lights of all colors shone bright both on the outside of the school, and on the convivial dance floor. Diverse in many ways, Jesuit, Ursuline, and Notre Dame School students came together to enjoy a night full of refreshing treats, uncontrollable...
  Inspired by a passionate crowd rattling with excitement and the swaying bells of homecoming mums, the Rangers embraced the cold to take on Lake Highlands and earn their fourth consecutive win amidst the festivities of this annual Texas holiday. Taking on a contentious and similarly ranked team in Lake Highlands (4-4, 2-3) and clinching a playoff berth, Jesuit notched...
A throat grotesquely scarred by an 8-inch knife gash, scraggly white and tan fur singed by the blazes of an arson house fire, and tattered paws cut by the jagged streets she ambled on perpetually. For this precious pooch - appropriately deemed by her saviors as Khaleesi, a spirited character in the hit drama Game of Thrones - the...

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