Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Reid Hatzmann '18

Reid Hatzmann '18
  Photography by Katie Kinsley Intellectually Competent- One of the six profile items of a Jesuit graduate, and, many would argue, the most important of the six.  Jesuit is known for the incredible academics it provides, however, this academic dominance oftentimes is overshadowed by the success of sports and extracurricular activities that occupy a wide variety of Jesuit students’ time.  Two...
Poverty terrorizes people and families in America.  People struggle to provide food for children, make payments on a house, or simply keep running water in their systems.  Poverty has become an increasingly prominent issue and affects people's everyday lives. However, despite the immense poverty in America, most countries suffer far more than we do.  Regardless of our desire to help...
Tabor Jones '16, Jose Rivera '16, Will Naquin '17, and Reid Hatzmann '18 shared the following reflections with the Jesuit Community on the October 16 Friday prayer service that was led by the Jesuit Dallas pilgrims to Philadelphia for Pope Francis's visit to the United States. Evan Jackson '17 and Nicolas Elizondo ‘18 also made the pilgrimage with two members of our faculty,...

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