Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Authors Articles by Jack Schwab '17

Jack Schwab '17

The Roundup invites and encourages all students to submit articles that reflect their personal perspectives regarding politics, culture, student life, sports, art, music, or hobbies.  The Roundup does not endorse any particular point of view.Many storylines followed the NFL into Superbowl XLVII. The long rebuilding San Francisco 49ers had finally found their groove after the decades of ineptitude following their...
The ContextIn major American sports, there’s a glass ceiling for the middle teams of the league. Too good to draft the next guaranteed superstar but lacking the tools to make a deep playoff run, these teams exist on the fringe of the league, trapped in a purgatorial status with success far away. From the retirement of Mike Modano in...
Every year, Jesuit sends its students on a myriad of trips throughout the Americas, from summer government classes in Washington D.C. to service trips in Nicaragua and Peru, and even Marine Biology expeditions to the British Virgin Isles. A new offering this summer will take Jesuit students out of the Americas, and on to a place unventured by past...

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