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Coronavirus may have stopped our Jesuit community from attending school, but it did not stop Rawley Schott ’20 from hosting one of the last open mics of the year. Last week’s open mic was filled with a variety of different types of music, especially from several new artists.

Taking place on Thursday, May 7, it was one of the best ones we have had all year. Sam Parker ‘22, Jack Garrison ‘21, JP Moore ‘21, Christian Nguyen ‘22, Jacob Ennon ‘20, Mr. Marr, and Mr. Berry performed along with Rawley Schott ‘20 (the host).

The Event

While it may have been one of Rawley Schott’s ‘20 and Jacob Enonn’s ‘20 last open mics, it was for sure one of the best. Rawley Schott ’20 would start off the open mic with the all-time classic “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton. Jacob Enonn ‘20 (whose first time it was to perform) played “Blackbird” by the Beatles. Rawley Schott ’20 and Jacob Ennon ’20 weren’t the only musical talent we got to see perform last Thursday.

JP Moore ’21 played a song with vocals on lead bass, Christian Nguyen ‘22 played a classical piece on piano, Mr. Berry played an original composition, and Mr. Marr played “Looking Out My Backdoor” by CCR.

Mr. Marr commented on the open mic saying “We had a couple of guys who had never played before such as Christian Nguyen ‘22 and Jacob Ennon ‘20 and it was great to have new performers.”


“The open mic went really smooth, Rawley did a good job of hosting, and it was great to have as many viewers as we did.” said Mr. Marr.

Without a doubt last weeks open mic was on of the best we have had. Each musical talent brought something different to the open mic and it was not only entertaining to watch, but to listen as well. Each musical talent brought something different to last weeks open mic. Rawley Schott ’20 will be hosting another open mic on May 14, at 3:00 P.M.

To find more articles on the upcoming open mics, be sure to check back up with The Roundup.