Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Another Number 1 Seed Falls

Another Number 1 Seed Falls

The stage for a contentious in-state rivalry was set this Valentine’s Day in a matchup between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats. But it was no bed of roses for Kansas, as they became the latest number one seed to fall, losing 84-68 to the Wildcats in a Big 12 showdown.

 Kansas State, who had been unranked in the Associated Press top-25 every week this season, came into the game with a 16-9 record, good for seventh in the Big 12. Kansas, meanwhile, came into the game as the most feared team in basketball, sporting a number one ranking and 24-1 record. The Wildcats, however, pulled off the unprecedented upset in front of their rowdy home crowd at the Fred Bramlage Coliseum. Kansas State controlled most of the game early on, led by senior guard Jacob Pullen. “Pullen was ridiculous…he couldn’t miss a shot,” said Jordan Tobolka ’13. Jacob Pullen scored a season high of 38 points on Monday night in what many, including Charlie Wetzel ’13, called “the best basketball game in his Kansas State Career.” Kansas State built on their early lead and pulled the game out of reach in the second half, commanding a 22-point lead with 5:46 remaining. The loss shocked Kansas, who had beaten the same Wildcat team 90-66 on January 29. Kansas State reveled in their victory over hated rival Kansas, who earlier that day had secured a number one ranking in the AP poll.  Kansas came out flat and remained inconsistent for most of the game. Kansas’ leading scorers were Tyrel Reed with 14 points and Marcus Morris with 13 points. Kansas fans remain optimistic for the season’s prospects even after the tough loss. “K-state played a great game,” said biology teacher Mr. Benjamin Kirby. “But last time we [Kansas] played them and lost, we won the national championship.”


I asked a few sophomores to name their top five teams:


Jake Oliver                                                      Caleb Kunasek

1)     Texas Longhorns                              1) Ohio State

2)     Ohio State                                           2) Pittsburgh

3)     Kansas                                                3) Texas

4)     Wisconsin                                          4) Kansas

5)     Duke                                                   5) BYU

Joewillie Laufenberg                                                 Derek Meissner

1)     Texas                                                  1) Texas

2)     Kansas                                                2) Kansas

3)     Ohio State                                           3) Ohio State

4)     Pittsburgh                                          4) Duke

5)     Duke                                                   5) Wisconsin

Michael Brandao                                           Pete Wetzel

1)     Ohio State                                           1) Texas

2)     Duke                                                   2) Ohio State

3)     Kansas                                                3) Duke

4)     Pittsburgh                                          4) Kansas

5)     Texas                                                  5) Pittsburgh

McCall Casey                                                  Charlie Wetzel

1)     Texas                                                  1) Texas

2)     Kansas                                                2) Ohio State

3)     Ohio State                                           3) Duke

4)     Notre Dame                                       4) Pittsburgh

5)     Pittsburgh                                          5) Kansas

Matt Yzaguirre                                               Jordan Tobolka

1)     Texas                                                  1) Ohio State

2)     Kansas                                                2) Texas

3)     Ohio State                                           3) Pittsburgh

4)     Duke                                                   4) Duke

5)     Pittsburgh                                          5) BYU

Davis Bittner

1)     Texas

2)     Pittsburgh

3)     Ohio State

4)     Kansas

5)     BYU

Kyle Reichenstein

1)     Texas

2)     Kansas

3)     Ohio State

4)     Duke

5)     A&M