Sunday, June 26, 2022

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A Trip in Texas for Artwork

A Trip in Texas for Artwork

Ethereal colors storm into the great frame as six boys can be seen chasing the storm of their youth. Accompanying this travel are the great blue prints for bowls of color and beauty, lipped and specked like nature’s intent. These three pieces, Lightning Field by Lee N. Smith, Tiger Basket with Black Lip wrap and Green & Red Basket Series by Dale Chihuly will go from their residence at Jesuit to other Texas museums. From February 7 through May 15, the Tyler Museum of Arts will be holding a Dale Chihuly exhibit with Jesuit’s pieces, along with some of his other great works, while the Perot Museum will hold Lee N. Smith’s piece until June. Two great experiences not to let pass by.
Lightning Field, by Lee N Smith, portrays six boys venturing into a field on a stormy night with a lightning rod adventuring as boys would. Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt-Blanc, Museum Director of the Jesuit Dallas Museum, explained: “much of his work is inspired [by] his childhood experiences of being in Boy Scouts and when he formed a club with other boys that lived by him, calling themselves ‘the warriors'”. In this piece, Lee N Smith infuses the spirit of adventure with imagination through the almost surreal colors. An electric blue sky and almost thermal orange-colored boys can lead one to believe they’re in a world of science fiction. Mrs. Hunt Blanc explained that these colors “come from his time in a rock-jazz band and his work in the commercial print shop.” His pieces are said to help others to escape reality and walk into one’s own creative imagination.
Lee N. Smith’s piece rather than in the halls of Jesuit will be making a temporary stay at the Perot Museum. This was imparted by our partnership in which we have made with them. A partner ship made to help connect museums together as well as connecting art and science. “Jesuit Dallas Museum and the Perot Museum are the only museums in Dallas to have started an exchange program like this,” Mrs. Hunt Blanc says. At the Perot, Smith’s piece can be seen above the escalator inviting guests to gaze at its vibrant colors. There, the Perot displays it “mentioning it is from our museum and that we have an exchange between the two museums.” Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt Blanc hopes that the Jesuit Dallas Museum will be able to make other partnerships with Dallas museums in the future.
Not only will Smith’s piece be lend, but also Jesuit’s two Dale Chihuly pieces, Tiger Basket with Black Lip wrap and Green & Red Basket Series. Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt Blanc says that the Tyler Museum is holding a major retrospect of Dale Chihuly’s work, from his incredible works of glass to his imaginative paintings. The pieces the museum owns are an array of colors, speckles of green, blue, black, white, orange, you name it! All to help create a festive and animal pelt-like pattern. These two pieces donated by Stanley Marcus in 1986 will help to illustrate how one’s imagination went from an idea to painting to surreal glass work. The Dallas museum hopes to further its opportunities to work with Tyler Museum of Arts along with other museums in the future to help spread art to the people.
Art is a beautiful form of expression, letting the viewer experience what you imagine. With partnerships between museums, they can help to further the experience of art to people in farther areas. The beauty of Lee N. Smith and Dale Chihuly’s work can now be shared with other pieces creating a new experience, an almost science fiction painting with science in the real world and painted plans with executed plans for art.