Sunday, June 26, 2022

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A Look Inside Jesuit’s Recycling Club

A Look Inside Jesuit’s Recycling Club

According to Take Care of Texas, Texas will run out of landfill space within the lifetime of current Jesuit students. Due to this looming crisis, recycling waste is extremely crucial. High schools especially, producing tons and tons of paper product waste, ranging from old tests and quizzes to notebook paper. Currently, Jesuit lacks a program to recycle its paper waste; rather, all trash winds up in our growing landfills.


Last September, the Jesuit Recycling Club was founded with the goal of mitigating this waste through establishing a working recycling system throughout the school. This program’s objective is to recycle all paper and cardboard that the Jesuit body deposits. They plan to do this with a new system of designated recycling waste bins.


In an interview with club sponsor Mrs. Applegate, I asked her to highlight the importance of the club, as well as the importance of recycling in general.

1:   What made you want to sponsor the club?

“Reducing my carbon footprint is a huge personal goal of mine, so when Wyatt asked me if I would be interested in sponsoring, I jumped at the opportunity. Last year was also my first year at Jesuit so I was looking for ways to get involved, and as one of the AP Environmental Science teachers it seemed like a good fit.”

2:   Why do you think this club is important?

“Providing the boys who are passionate about the environment a time and space to explore that passion is extremely important. The boys involved are really driven to implement a recycling plan at Jesuit, and that is a legacy that they can leave when they graduate. Giving this club the opportunity to create something that will benefit the school beyond their time here is tremendously important.”

3:   How can all Jesuit students make a difference in our school? Moreover, what can a Jesuit student do to help our recycling system?

“Jesuit students can make a difference by contributing to the recycling system once it is in place! Recycling cardboard and paper is a start, and every piece of paper that makes it into the recycling container instead of the trash can is benefiting our planet. Moreover, students can utilize reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles, use the reusable cutlery and plates Sage provides, and just be conscious of what they are putting in the trash each day.”

4:   What is the importance of recycling?

“Every little bit helps! Try to reduce where you can, reuse where you can, and recycle what is left! By recycling we can help prolong the life cycle of consumer products and get more use out of them before they end up in a landfill.”

Concluding Thoughts:

According to club co-founder Wyatt Paradise, “hopefully recycling will be underway by Thanksgiving and we will have the whole school actively participating in recycling together.” To accomplish this goal, they will place accessible bins throughout the school. In addition, every student and teacher will be educated on the new system. This will help them not mistakenly place non-recyclable trash in the recycling bins.

The club expects that every student will make the right decision and separate recyclables from plain trash. The club cannot enforce the correct and consistent use of the bins throughout the whole school. That’s why it’s important for each Jesuit student and teacher to do their part. Students should remember our shared commitment to work for a cleaner environment. With this in mind, students should be conscious of the waste they produce at school and what they do with it.

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