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2017-2018 Community Days

2017-2018 Community Days

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sure, it it isn’t necessarily a vacation, but it could leave one with an experience that will last a lifetime. I’m talking about the Jesuit Dallas Community Days senior retreat.

Towards the beginning of their final school year together, the entire senior class body embarked on a journey to a secretive location to ultimately share, grow, and bond as a class.

While most details about the retreat are kept secret, some seniors were allowed to comment on certain aspects:

1.) What do you think the goal of Community Days is?

Grayson Godfrey: The goal of Community Days is “to bring the senior class together as a community of brothers that supports one another.”

Connor Thomas: “The goal of Community Days is to build a real sense of brotherhood within the senior class that can then be spread to the entire school through them.”

2.) Do you think Community Days accomplished this goal?

Godfrey: “Absolutely, we as a class were more mature than expected and truly embraced the experience. Jesuit did a fantastic job of giving us the time, opportunities, and resources to participate.”

Thomas: “It absolutely accomplished its goal. I have only heard good things from my senior brothers.”

3.) What was one of your favorite experiences (without giving away any secrets of Community Days)?

Godfrey: “My favorite experience was just being around everyone outside of the classroom to learn more about each other.”

Thomas: “I liked being there together as one class away from school for a bit.”

Many seniors ask themselves questions before the trip. “I know these people but do I really ‘know’ these people?” “I wonder what others will think of what I share?”

As a brotherhood, it is our job to open up and care for each other. At this year’s Community Days, it sounds like this goal was accomplished.