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2015 Jesuit Student Council Elections Preview

2015 Jesuit Student Council Elections Preview

The 2015 student council race is finally upon us here at Jesuit and many students have probably already taken notice.Throughout the halls, bright election posters of all different shapes and sizes have been plastered along the walls, desperately bidding for every passerby’s attention.

During this time of year, the Freshmen Steps act as the epicenter for this storm of  construction paper, for it is located just around the corner from the voting booths. In fact, the entire voting setup is nearly impossible to miss with its central location right in between the cafeteria and Hughes Hall. In addition, students will be able to vote at any time during school on Tuesday, March 30 so there is no excuse to do your civic duty! After all, choosing who wields the importance and responsibility that comes with being a class representative  is deserving of all students’ time. Be there bright and early with your ID badge ready to fill out the extensive ballot!

When you think of class officials, what comes to mind first is the flashy signs that you might see throughout the school. At Jesuit, however, being student council president means a lot more than just who can most artistically paint their name on a poster. It’s about how much a person is willing to put themselves out there in the community and make a difference: to find and address the issues faced by both the school and Jesuit community. While the victor for this year’s Student Council primaries will be difficult to predict,  all the candidates are certainly qualified and respected individuals. All of these candidates demonstrate commitment to the Jesuit community and strive to make these 28 acres feel like 3 million acres.

In order to find out more about each candidate’s individual platforms, try initiating the conversation with the candidates themselves! Talk to your class nominees when you see them in the hallways and openly ask them, “What can you do our school?”  I assure you all the candidates will have a strong response built upon the upstanding morals present in our Jesuit community.

Most of the candidates have compiled short videos that detail the goals of their campaigns. Below we have a list of all the candidates and their respective videos. Be sure to vote this year as it is important for all of us to cast our opinion on who we as a school think is best for the job.

Election Videos

Class of 2016
Michael Boyson
Michael Pontikes
Kassa Kassahun
Trey Russell
Elliot Hartman
Peter Hamrick

Class of 2017
Evan Jackson
Matthew Musso
Paul Honrales
Parker Allen
Beomhak Lee
Bobby Wunderlick
Sam Cormier
Chase Burciaga
Abbas Hussain
Patrick Daniels

Class of 2018
Lindsay Brown
Luke Przybylski
Reid Hatzmann
Thomas Nolan